Mind My Mind
our true bliss

A warm welcome to you
On this amazing ship

Our True Bliss

You will be sailing with us at your own pace

So you can enjoy all that you see, hear, taste, feel, smell & touch.

Savouring those moments that are so special to you.

Depending on what you want to experience, you can achieve all

that you desire with an open mind.

You may remember I mentioned having some guidance for our adventure
so here are the ship’s guidelines.

  • Insights and popcorn moments are permitted at all times.
  • Every day you need to update your diary or ships log.
  • You have full control of where you want to go and the pace of your voyage.
  • If you want to weigh anchor and reflect you can.
  • During the voyage of your discoveries you will receive 6 messages in bottles.

Here is a video to introduce myself to you.

The voyage of discovery on the ship Our True Bliss

Insights and popcorn moments

These are very important moments. We have insights every

day, it’s an

accumulation of lots of little bits of information that we receive

and store.

Then all of a sudden they click in to place like a jigsaw puzzle

and you see the whole picture.

Some of these insights or popcorn moments will be very

profound and can affect your life for ever.

Most insights are very helpful, so when you get them, open

your heart and embrace them.

I have experienced loads of insights and they have had me in tears of joy and absolute elation. It was the embracing of them that was so profound. It was like all the major events and challenges in my life rolled in to one massive moment. The incredible thing about this is I had several events like this. I didn’t expect the first one let alone several over a period of time and they was so intense but gentle at the same time.

When you have these insights dive straight in and consume them with all your love and be in harmony with that moment.

It’s truly amazing!!!

Your Captain would like you to keep a daily diary or ships log
about your insights or popcorn moments.
With the date, the insight you had and grade them from 1-10,
1 being a perfect blue sky
10 you have just survived the biggest storm of your life.
Your captain is very keen for you to have full control over your information
To do this you can use your own electronic device to keep your daily diary or ships log on.
Please remember to enter the date first, then your insights or popcorn moments and grade
how you are feeling today at the end of your entries.

It will look something like this.

Monday 19/8/2019

This is the start of my 6 week voyage.

Feeling a grade 6

Tuesday 20/8/2019

I’m feeling seasick today as I had a rough night.

Feeling a grade 8

Wednesday 21/8/2019

Had a better day today and starting to enjoy my voyage of discoveries

Feeling a grade 3

With all the travelling and workshops I’ve attended over the
years I never came away feeling that I was enlightened. Until I
attended a seminar on mind, thought and consciousness.

I had the most amazing experience. My mind was buzzing
from this insight to start off with as everything fell in to place.
After that I felt so relaxed it was beyond belief, It felt like I was

floating in to a perfect blue sky

There was nothing tangible no systems or methods were used.

It was all based on conversation.

Most psychologist / psychotherapist believe that to help
people get over their phycological condition they had to re-live

the past so they could come to terms with their issues.

At the time it was an acceptable but flawed

method to recovery.

As you know we develop new understandings from what we
have learnt in the past. If you look back over your life time,

how much has technology changed.

For me, mobile phones had never been invented,
now look at what they can do. It’s amazing!!

The same goes for understanding our minds and the thoughts it
generates. We think about those experiences and conversations
to make a decision. We bring in lots of factors like our emotions,
other people might approve or disapprove, is it ethical, am I being

selfish ? All these thoughts and more.

Current mainstream methods, are complex take time to have an
affect and is not guaranteed to last or work at all. At the same time

the experience can be very painful emotionally.

Out of concern and good intention to help, medication is often
used to alleviate the suffering. This in turn can make the patient
dependant on those drugs even to the point of incapacitating

them and being hospitalised for their own safety.

If you’re keeping a daily ships log you will be keeping a
record of your prominent thoughts and grading them.

Remember your past can not be changed it’s happened, all
you can do is learn from it and leave it behind, just as the

clouds come and go.

Thoughts and Thinking

When you woke up this morning what was you thinking

about? (write it down in your Ship’s Log.

As human beings we have about 60,000 thoughts a day.
But if you’re going though a hard time at the moment that

will be much higher.

Your thoughts include everything from feelings, decision
making, nourishment, bodily functions procrastination,

self doubt and lots lots more.

There are times when we get very excited or angry and
we can feel our brain is in overdrive buzzing like mad.
The point is, is it a truthful thought or a creative thought?
Think of each thought as a cloud. A cloud is transient . In
other words it’s created and it disappears as it floats on
by or joins other clouds to become a bigger cloud.
The bigger the cloud the bigger the problem!!

The cloud can become so big and powerful that it creates a storm

with lightening, heavy rain, hailstones, snow or blizzards.

What happens when the storm runs out of power?

It clears away and we have the warmth of the sunshine again.

As we are on a sailing ship we need the calm weather for a calm
sea, so we need to stay calm and enjoy our voyage and it’s


We will have our moments at sea but they will pass so we can

relax again.

The fact is like the weather our thinking is constant, even when we

are sleeping we have dreams or night thoughts.

Our thoughts have a cycle just like the weather and our

temperament matches it. Like a barometer.

So a bad nights sleep will affect the way we feel the next day. This
adds more overthinking making our mind go in to overdrive.
We need a peaceful mind and that’s what we are going to achieve

This week in bottle No.1

The Three Principles

Our awareness and existence relies on the three principles of
Mind, Thought and Consciousness. Each one of these are

divine before we are born.

Our mind is recording all the information it can from the early
stages of development in the womb. We are alive in the womb
so, sounds, temperature, sustenance, sight and lots more are
being stored in our minds so we can have thoughts and
consciousness in the very near future. Ultimately we develop
our innate desire to survive because of our awareness.

The mind is pure and uncontaminated until birth. Then all hell
breaks lose, food supply cut off, got to breath, feel cold, warm or
hot, its noisy, bright lights and we cry from the pain of having our
bottom slapped!!! Then there are all those viruses and bacteria to

deal with. We are totally reliant on our parents.

As babies all we want is sustenance, warmth and stimulation
through the love of our parents. All this information is stored in our
mind and develops our consciousness that expands our ability to

think and be aware of our world.

As we develop we become more complex and so does our mind,
thought and consciousness. We have good times and bad times.
How we manage these events is complex as its all stimulation we

have saved in our mind.

We all have innate health we are not broken and here’s why.

Let’s say you wanted to give up something like smoking or
drinking. You start the process by going cold turkey. The lose of
the stimulant is short lived, the taste is short lived but the habit is
still there. What inspired you to give up? Was it to improve your

health? Can’t afford it anymore? Or something else?

What you do know is it improves your chances of survival.
Because most of us have a habit of beating ourselves up by
procrastinating about unpleasant events we do the same thing

when we give something up like smoking or drinking.

The voyage is about to begin on aboard the ship...

Our True Bliss

Let’s climb on board and settle in.

All we have to do now is prepare to set sail at high tide.

As you Look out across to the harbour mouth.

Just imagine you’re waving good bye to all your family and

friends as you set sail from the harbour.
This will probably be the first time
you have sailed independently.

It’s so liberating!!!

Even though you have made lots of decisions to make this
voyage you have already risen above some self doubt.

Thats fantastic !!! Isn’t it ?

The weather forecast is good as we set sail waving good bye to

everyone we are leaving at the harbour.

It’s going to be very busy as its our first day at sea. We are

blessed with very few clouds in the perfect blue sky, just like you,

you are perfect. We are all perfect.
Where is your first port of call?

In the webinar I mentioned about your destination and said it can

be anywhere you like.

So do you go North, East, South or West?

Or the other option is your gut feeling. The gut feeling will be the

way the wind is blowing. What is your destination?

Now this is where you have to manage your thoughts, the
calmer you’re thinking the smoother the sail will be.
Having a busy mind will only make your voyage rough.

A gentle breeze carries our ship out to sea. Can you feel
and hear the ship creaking as it sails along on the water?
It’s almost like the sounds are in harmony with the ships

movement as it sways from side to side..

Your Captain is very grateful for his crews efforts and lays on a
special meal at your first port of call. Because of all that hard work

and fresh sea air the meal tastes fantastic.

The company was brilliant too as you joined in the conversations,
with the crew you have just met today. Well, time goes by so
quickly when we are occupied and now you just want to chill out

before bedtime.

Sitting in a quiet place you dangle your hand in to the cool water
listening as the water laps against the side of the ship. Then something

touches your fingers and you see a bottle!!

It’s bottle No.1!

You open the bottle with fascination and curiosity

We all have our moments just like the weather has storms,
eventually they fizzle out. The same storm will never exactly
repeat it’s self ever again. So we never need to procrastinate

. It took me a very long time to realise this.

The MTC Understand really enlightened me.

Now, you know this is the voyage that will open your eyes and

mind to the real world around you.

For that to happen we need quiet time, you can have quiet time all

the time if you want.

So, for the next 7 days you can guide your ship by the wind using
your gut feelings. You can weigh anchor at any harbour in the
world, preferably for only one night at a time, unless something

special is happening.

As you sail through each day keep an eye on the weather
you have the power within you to see as much blue sky as
you wish in the day time and at night you can see as many

stars as you wish to.

Your captain is looking forward to reading your ships log of

insights in 7 days time.

Remember only the truth will give you a clear blue sky and a

smooth sail to each harbour you visit.

Bon Voyage!!

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